The expertise to create perfect proportions with lip enhancement

At R3 Aesthetics in Milton Keynes, we believe that lip fillers can augment all of your features. Our doctors are highly skilled in creating natural-looking results based on combining volume with shape, symmetry and definition for a younger, fuller look.*

Lip enhancement uses dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid (a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies which maintains healthy, youthful skin). Tiny injections in the lip fillers are made to add volume, define the lips’ natural outline (vermilion border) and add contour. We’ll tailor the treatment to meet your individual needs to ensure the best possible results for you.*

Giving lips the TLC they deserve

Beautifully-proportioned, fuller lips will help you feel great about the way you look and lift your confidence. Our expert team understands that there’s far more to great lip enhancement than simply adding volume. It’s vital to consider all aspects of the lip area to create truly natural-looking results.

The line around the lips (known as the vermillion border) can be defined and restored with expert use of dermal fillers. The Cupid’s bow is another area which can be enhanced to make lips more striking* and we can also talk through dermal-filler treatment for lines around the mouth if this is a concern.

Book a consultation today if you are interested in lip fillers at R3 Aesthetics in Milton Keynes. Fill in our contact form, or call us on: 07930 248 708 .

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*Individual results may vary.