Intravenous (IV drips) Nutrition Therapy

Did you know that a shocking 85% of nutrients from our digestive tract never make it to our bloodstream? So, our body never really gets all the health benefits from the nutritious food we eat. Intravenous nutrition therapy or IV drips resolves this problem. It directly delivers the essential nutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your bloodstream, with significantly higher absorption.

At R3 Aesthetics Clinic Milton Keynes, our team of wellness and health practitioners devise a specially formulated cocktail of vitamins and minerals or IV drips, according to an individual’s specific needs. We can curate a mix of vitamins and minerals to:


  • Aid recovery from endurance or physical activity
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Improve overall immune system
  • Reverse anti-ageing process
  • Increase body energy and reduce lethargy
  • Promote better sleep and relaxation
  • Restore hair and skin health

At R3 Aesthetics, you are our priority. Our team of certified practitioners will assess your nutritional needs and carefully guide you to make the right choice for your overall well-being.

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*Individual results may vary.