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plexr soft surgery for skin tightening

What is Plexr soft surgery?

13th September 2018

The world of non-surgical treatments is growing, and its growing fast. There’s always new technology and procedures that expand the horizons of what we can achieve from the comfort of the aesthetic clinic. These treatments do still require professional training and the proper qualifications, but it’s no longer necessary to go under the knife to get the results you’d like. As a result, recovery and downtimes have been sliced down to manageable chunks and the risks are astronomically smaller than traditional surgery. Non-surgical aesthetics like dermal fillers paved the way for more advanced treatments to succeed, and we have one of the latest additions to this ever-growing world. With Plexr soft surgery, we can perform a non-surgical blepharoplasty, or non-surgical eyelid surgery, to permanently remove sagging skin above the eye.


How does Plexr soft surgery work?

Plexr soft surgery uses the science of plasma to target loose skin around and above the eyes, as well as many other conditions. Plasma energy is created between the device tip and the skin, charging the air and zapping the targeted of skin. This causes sublimation in the cells, essentially destroying them there and then. We describe this as a form of permanent removal, because the cells are completely obliterated with this treatment.


This is what Plexr treats:

  • Saggy and drooping skin above the eyelids and under-eye bags are minimised by Plexr, meaning there is no reason to opt for invasive and costly surgery.
  • Active acne and acne scarring is treated by essentially removing the affected areas and stimulating new collagen production for healthy skin.
  • Smoker’s lines and fine lines are treated by the tightening effect of Plexr soft surgery.
  • Sagging skin and mini face lifting is achieved in localised areas by causing the drooping or fatty cells to be destroyed, immediately lifting and tightening.
  • Scars and stretch marks on the face and body are treated by promoting the lifting, tightening, and healing of these problem areas.
  • Removal of benign skin lesions such as moles and warts, even around the eyes, is achieved safely and effectively with soft surgery.


Is this treatment safe?

This treatment is so safe that there isn’t even a need for injectable anaesthetic. The eye area has traditionally been difficult to treat because of sensitive the region is, but Plexr soft surgery uses precise targeting that doesn’t transfer energy anywhere but the exact treated area. Multiple ‘zaps’ are needed to cover a treatment area because it only acts where it points, making it incredibly safe for the eyes and other areas of the face.


The non-surgical approach to treatments that previously would’ve meant surgery is a new and growing area. Surgery represents a commitment in both time and money and taking the amount of time necessary out of your life to recover properly has its own setbacks. With non-surgical aesthetics, in particularly this kind of soft surgery, allows you to return to work immediately after the treatment should you feel comfortable enough to do so. There’s no need to take time off and you can make a full recovery in a comparatively far shorter amount of time than traditional surgery.


Plexr soft surgery is some of the latest in non-surgical skin tightening technology. If you’re interested in finding out more about this versatile treatment, enquire online or call 01908 749633 today.