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Where should I go for lip fillers in Milton Keynes?

18th January 2019

Lip fillers are so popular now that many people would like them, but they have no idea where to go or even what they should consider for their safety. If you’re daunted by the idea of lip filler injections, don’t worry! When you don’t know all the important things, such as the safety of dermal fillers or who should perform them, it can all seem a bit too intimidating. We’ve put together a handy guide for how to choose your dermal filler practitioner and what to look out for.


Who can perform lip fillers?

Currently and shockingly, as it stands in the UK at the moment, anyone who is anyone can perform lip fillers! You don’t require formal qualifications or even medical qualifications to perform lip fillers, and we wholeheartedly advise against this. We wouldn’t recommend you seeking out just anybody to perform your treatments because you drastically risk your safety and treatment outcomes. If you’ve seen advertisements or invites to dermal filler parties at someone’s home led by a practitioner that has hidden their qualifications, you should not go to them for treatments.


Who should perform lip fillers?

The only people who should perform lip fillers are medical professionals who are trained in administering facial aesthetics treatments. You wouldn’t trust just about anyone to put things inside of your car engine, so you shouldn’t trust just anyone to inject into your skin. Firstly, your treatment and results are likely to be much safer when you seek a medical professional for your treatment. There will be much less risk of vascular occlusion, which is when a vein in injected and swells up, because medical professionals understand your facial anatomy better than anyone. Secondly, your results are likely to be more cosmetically appealing. This is because a medical professional trained in aesthetics has qualified in understanding where the best placements of filler are unique results. It takes a skilled hand, an eye for detail, and understanding of your lip tissue to achieve the best results!


Safety advice for choosing your practitioner

  • Ask to see their qualifications – If they don’t advertise or share their qualifications on their website or social media, ask to see them before you commit to treatment. Look for medical professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, and nurses who are qualified in performing facial aesthetics.
  • Check the price – If the price seems too good to be true (i.e. unnaturally and surprisingly low) then it usually is. The practitioner may have compromised on the product and could be using something that unregulated, a ‘knock-off’, or less reputable provider that isn’t advised by other practitioners.
  • Check the product – Ask your practitioner which brands they use and ask to see the packaging before they perform your treatment. This way you can be certain that they are using a reputable, genuine, regulated product rather than an alternative found through concerning sources or a look-a-like.
  • Take a look at the treatment room – If you do decide that after these checks you’re comfortable with your practitioner, just perform this last little look around. When you arrive for your appointment, take a look around you. Is the treatment room clean, sanitary, and safe? Is there a medical waste bin present? Is your practitioner going to be wearing disposable clinical gloves and using disposable syringes for your treatment? All of these checks help prevent contamination, lower infection risks, and altogether keep your safer.


Where you should go for lip fillers in Milton Keynes

It will always bear repeating that you should find a medical professional qualified in performing these kinds of injectable treatments. Don’t put your safety, treatment satisfaction, and your lips at risk by finding the cheapest or most easily available option, make sure you do your research beforehand. Our team of medical professionals, Dr Ruchi and Mr Sumit Sood, never rush your consultation and appointment and only want to make the right decisions by you. When seeking lip fillers in Milton Keynes, why not book a consultation with us at R3 Aesthetics to receive honest advice and consult? Enquire online or speak to a member of the team on 07930 248 708 to find out more.