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The different uses of dermal fillers

30th July 2019

As we age, our collagen levels decrease and it’s collagen that keeps our skin looking young. Dermal fillers from our Milton Keynes practice are predominantly used to give ageing skin more volume, smooth over deep lines on the lower face, and subtly resculpt facial features to refresh your looks.

There are certain areas of the face that give away our advancing years more than others when our skin thins. Dark patches under the eyes, in the tear trough area, the temples and cheekbones becoming more sallow, and a sagging of the jawline, are often visible in adults over the age of 40. Facial lines become more pronounced and some skin areas may even begin to droop.


Dermal fillers in Milton Keynes can help make these signs of ageing less prominent. When skin is plumper, it looks more youthful, so in this way, fillers can turn back the clock on your looks. Fillers can be used to correct the tip of a nose that has begin to sag, boost thinning lips and make the lines that run from your nose to your mouth, and from your mouth to your chin, less obvious.


They can also provide you with a complete face lift, performed in a non-invasive way. The results of a liquid facelift, as they are known, are similar to that of a surgical facelift. It’s worth bearing in mind that different consistencies of filler are required for different areas of the face. For instance, Cheek fillers, which we provide here in Milton Keynes as well, are ideal for cheeks that are starting to look a little hollow, while lip fillers are what’s needed to give you lips a boost. With an experienced practitioner at your side, you can achieve a natural-looking rejuvenation


How do dermal fillers and cheek fillers here in Milton Keynes work?


Dermal fillers are administered by injection and contain hyaluronic gels, which take in water under the skin to increase their volume. With an increased size, they then push upwards against the interior of the skin, pushing out wrinkles and thin skin areas. You should see the results immediately, although there may be some localised mild swelling or bruising, that may linger for a day or two before you can enjoy the full effects.


The fillers will give you a rejuvenated look for up to 6 months before you’ll require a top up treatment to maintain your look. When your friends see you, they’re likely to think you look rested, rather than like you’ve had a treatment. This is because our experienced practitioners are highly trained not to over-stuff. They want you to have a subtle, natural-looking enhancement.


As they are injected by a professional, dermal fillers from R3 Aesthetics are far more effective than any rejuvenation treatment you can buy over the counter. The element of risk involved with a treatment anybody can buy and apply without prescription has to be negligible, which means the product will be limited in what it can actually do.


When an expert is in charge of administering highly effective anti-ageing treatments, that’s a different matter entirely. Most of our dermal filler customers return to us time and time again to get top up treatments and maintain their refreshed look. Want to see what the fuss is all about? Then get in touch and book a consultation with us.