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How dermal fillers give you an instant confidence boost

4th December 2018

Having low self-confidence because of a natural facial imbalance or the signs of ageing can be draining. We know that the ageing process is natural, and we know that our lips are hereditary, but it still can’t 100% console us when we’re not happy with our appearance. Lots of people would like to change something about themselves, and while not many people are entirely happy with their appearance we believe that everyone has a right to feel good in themselves whether that takes loving your self-perceived ‘flaws’ or changing them a little. However, for some people this might point to surgery, which can represent a commitment in finances and time that many would prefer not to undergo! How do non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers give you an instance confidence boost?


Instant results

One of the great things about having a little treatment for yourself is that you see your dermal filler results instantly. For a few minutes immediately after your treatment and before some minor swelling begins, you will see what your optimum results will eventually settle into. Allow around 2 days for any resultant swelling to recede, and you can enjoy a rejuvenated treatment area! Whether you are softening some of the signs of ageing such as facial folds, rebalancing an asymmetrical lip, or looking for a little more skin structure, you’ll see your results within the first few minutes of your treatment. Often, we feel more confident in our own appearance, it shows in how we interact with those around us and even how we encounter everyday activities. A little injection of positivity can go a long way!


Treatments are tailored to you

Your instant boost of confidence could come when you see that your dermal filler treatment is tailored exactly to your needs. Many reputable clinics, such as the doctor-led R3 Aesthetics, provide treatments that are not one-size-fits-all. Your treatment journey is created uniquely for you, working in tandem with your natural beauty rather than adding dermal filler to areas of your face. For this, we take into account your facial anatomy and features to provide the best balance of treatment. This means that you’ll leave our clinic looking refreshed without looking ‘done’, boosting your confidence in your treatment because nobody need know about your treatments.


Minimal down-time and side effects

With minimal down-time and side effects, you could see a noticeable difference in your appearance without any worries of complications. Dermal fillers are known as a ‘lunch time procedure’, meaning that they can performed with a period of time similar to a lunch break and you can return to work immediately. Furthermore, there are only minor side effects that come hand-in-hand with this otherwise simple treatment. You might experience some minor swelling, small bruises at the injection sites, and a little tenderness, but these should recede within 2-3 days after treatment. After this, you have months to enjoy a freshly rejuvenated you.


Confidence in your practitioners

As well as feeling more confident in yourself, you can feel confident in who is performing your treatments too. R3 Aesthetics’ team is made up of qualified medical professionals that are skilled in administering treatments safely and effectively. In addition, they’re also qualified to manage any complications should they arise.


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