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Caring for skin after dermal fillers

16th March 2020

Dermal fillers are one of our favourite aesthetic treatments here at R3 Aesthetics. Not only do some of our clients enjoy instant results, but the effects of dermal fillers also last for several months – so even though they’re semi-permanent, they’re a long-term treatment.

Why use dermal fillers?

Our clients come to us for dermal fillers for so many different reasons. Whether they’re looking to plump and contour skin, fill in deeper wrinkles or streamline their features, dermal fillers are effective in so many ways, and best of all? There’s absolutely zero surgery involved.

Aftercare explained

We like to inform our clients about every aspect of their treatment here at our Milton Keynes skin clinic. So, we’ve put together a dedicated aftercare guide in this post, giving you an idea of what’s involved when the procedure’s over and done with. Of course, our friendly team are always here for you if you need to get in touch – simply head to our contact page to find out more.

Minimising bruising and swelling

Even though we use a fine needle to administer our dermal fillers, and are skilled in doing so, bruising and swelling is incredibly common following the procedure. In these situations, we recommend using a cold compress, such as ice wrapped in a towel, to gently apply to skin.

Medicines to avoid

Though over-the-counter pain relief such as paracetamol can help, it’s unlikely you’ll need any following dermal filler treatment. However, if you’re looking into ways to manage your pain, it’s important to avoid any blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin, which could actually increase bruising.

The effects of make-up and massages

Any kind of facial in the early days can ‘spread’ your dermal fillers away from the treated areas, and touching your skin, applying make-up and being vigorous with your cleansing routine can all affect your results or cause tenderness. In fact, you should avoid make-up for at least the remainder of the day.

Other things to consider

Drinking and smoking – these can disrupt the natural healing process and aren’t recommended following treatment
Intensive exercise – avoid this for around 24 hours following dermal fillers
Heat treatments – sunbeds and saunas could irritate skin – avoid these for a couple of weeks after having your treatment

Of course, there may be other factors to take into account – and we’ll always talk you through each stage of your treatment journey ahead of time, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Trust in R3 Aesthetics

Our expert team, range of treatments and unrivalled care come together to give you fantastic results. To book in for your dermal fillers or cheek fillers treatment here at our Milton Keynes skin clinic, get in touch with us today.