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Can lip fillers be dissolved?

8th March 2019

A very big question on everyone’s lips before they receive any dermal filler treatment is always: is this treatment permanent? Will there be any notable lasting effect that I wasn’t prepared for? Lip fillers aren’t permanent, and that is a very attractive aspect of the treatment. Let us tell you why…


Lip fillers are not permanent

Lip fillers and all injectable dermal fillers aren’t permanent. Instead, they gradually fade away back to normal over the period of a few months to a year. This is because they are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring skin substance, that is naturally broken down by the body over time. ‘Top-ups’ are required to maintain your desired results every few months or so, but this is normal and entirely fine.

Lip fillers don’t permanently change your appearance

A very common worry is that fillers, notably ‘too much’ filler, may stretch your skin once they dissolve and breakdown. This is a myth – lip fillers don’t permanently stretch or change the shape of your lips after your treatment, and instead the treated area simply returns to normal.

Why temporary lip fillers are a good thing

Lip fillers being temporary is great for so many reasons, the first being because this means your results can be built upon. To reach your desired results, a few treatments at different intervals may be advised in order to achieve natural-looking progression rather than placing too much filler too soon. This slower approach allows us to shape and structure your lips delicately, achieving high-quality results that haven’t been rushed. Secondly, temporary lip fillers are excellent because they can be dissolved and ‘undone’ if you don’t wish to keep your results anymore. You can simply wait for them to dissolve in your skin and not book a repeat treatment, or you can receive a similar injection in the treatment area that speeds up your body’s natural dissolving process.

Permanent lip fillers are typically not safe

Many medical aesthetic practitioners, such as our team at R3 Aesthetics, believe that temporary dermal fillers are the safest and best option for our clients over permanent fillers. Permanent fillers are made of materials like silicon that sit within the skin. They don’t naturally break down and they aren’t biocompatible, so they can cause complications during their placement and even within the skin post-treatment. They’re not recommended because of infection, hardening, rejection from the body, and even scarring. On top of this, they’re not buildable so your results aren’t able to be adapted and changed as you do.

Lip fillers can be dissolved – and are safe

Lip fillers in Milton Keynes are very safe when they are performed by trained medical professionals, such as those at R3 Aesthetics. It’s important you feel comfortable when you receive this treatment, which is why we offer honest consultations to all of our clients. Find out more about injectable treatments with us by calling 0161 236 6500 and booking your initial consultation today.