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Dermal filler - Lip Injections

What areas can dermal fillers treat?

26th February 2020

Dermal fillers are greatly versatile and are able to treat a wide range of issues from the obvious to not so obvious. If you are interested in dermal filler or other aesthetic treatments make sure to book a consultation with us here in Milton Keynes where we will be able to asses the perfect treatment for you.


Dermal Fillers for Tear Troughs


These are the lines under your eyes that make your eyes look tired. A loss of volume in the area, a loss of tissue elasticity or a mild reduction in bone density could all be causes of concern. By using an advanced technique, dermal fillers can be placed in either the tear trough itself, slightly lower in the cheek area, or indeed a combination of both to achieve brighter, more rejuvenated eyes.


Naso-labial folds


Commonly known as the smile or laughter lines, these are the two skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. If you are bothered by your naso-labial folds, and wonder what to do to improve the area then filler is perfect to fill out these folds, and partnered with cheek filler the face will appear much younger looking.


Lips & vermillion border


A celebrity favourite, the lips can be injected with dermal filler either in the body of the lip to boost fullness or the border of the lips to increase definition. This treatment is ideal for correcting thin lips but can also help solve problems with a downward smile and the need to lengthen the mouth.




Have you heard of the lunchtime nose job? Dermal fillers can now be used to straighten out any lumps or bumps in your nose without the need for any surgical downtime. Fillers are injected into the nose to smooth out slight bumps in the bridge of the nose, or rectify a crooked line of the nose (particularly in profile view) and even cartilage irregularities at the tip of the nose all in less than 15 minutes! This is another advanced course available for those that have been practicing in dermal filler for a while.


There are many other areas fillers are able to treat as well including: mouth corners, marionette lines, cheeks, chin augmentation, smoker’s lines, and hands. If you want dermal fillers or any other filler please contact the team at R3 Aesthetics Milton Keynes.